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These are problems I seek to solve:

Note organization. I have bad memory. I spend a lot of time re-hashing old ideas, which means I avoid new ones. While I constantly take notes, the old but ineffective paradigm to retrieve them well is to aggressively tag notes, or place them in the right” folders. This takes too much time so people rarely do it effectively.

I’m working on the common yet unsolved idea of an app that automatically organizes all my notes. There is no tagging or futzing around with folders. I just write. And the app resurfaces notes at the right time. For example, it shows and summarizes relevant historical notes during a brainstorm of a particular topic. Or even better, it notifies me when related notes reach critical mass needed for a new idea or essay.

Knowledge portability and transferability. Every brain holds a lot of useful information that others can greatly benefit from. But it’s usually lost to our private thoughts and notes at best. This occurs for many reasons including fear of incompleteness, fear of public opinion (read: Twitter), just forgetting altogether (see above), etc. What if we could brainstorm out loud anytime with the right group of people interacting with you? What new ideas would form? What new discoveries would we make?