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These are problems I’m currently interested in. Contact me if you’re interested in discussing any of these:

Frequent diagnostic testing. Everyone deserves to fully understand their health and how to improve. Too often we have to wait until we have symptoms to get the comprehensive tests done for diagnosis and treatment. True preventive healthcare starts with making diagnostic testing super accessible. But this is the exact opposite of what happens today. Blockers include volume-based insurance, paternalism over education, inconveniences of patient centers, and much more. We need a new model and standard that encourages more testing, not less testing.

More climate films. Saving humanity from climate change is one of our generation’s big to-dos. Films are the way to really en-masse inspire and activate a lot more smart and motivated people to focus and work on climate solutions, including startups, activism, policy, etc. The first step is unlocking funding for great filmmakers.

Automated note organization. I have bad memory. I spend a lot of time re-hashing old ideas, and likely avoid new ones. While I constantly take notes, one must aggressively tag notes or place them in the right” folders in order to easily retrieve them later. This takes too much time so people rarely do it effectively.

I’m building software that automatically organize all my notes. There is no tagging or futzing around with folders. I just write and the right notes are connected together. Which means when brainstorming a particular topic, it will show and summarize relevant historical notes. Or when it recognizes a critical mass of notes on a particular idea, it notifies me. The possibilities are endless.

Realistic economic theory. Current, standard economic theory is a religion. It’s not hard to find its many flaws and we’ve reduced ourselves to valuing simplicity and reasoning that is good-sounding over actual correctness. As a result, many poor decision and policies are being made that impact billions of lives. We need economic theory that is realistic even if it’s more complex. The new-ish field of complexity science is a good start.

Knowledge transferability. Every brain holds a lot of unique, useful information. But the majority is usually lost to our private thoughts and notes at best. This occurs for many reasons including fear of incompleteness, fear of public opinion, just forgetting altogether, etc. What are ways to overcome this? What if we could brainstorm anytime with the right group of people? What new ideas would form? What new discoveries would we make?